Month: August 2019

Cheap credit for self-employed – so you get it

by Lisa Woodcock
The way to independence is above all one thing: expensive. With this sentence begins a specialist paper on how to make the leap to your own company. People, the text goes on to say, would often have a too romantic and too transfigured idea of ​​what it really means to be self-reliant. You would have to know that at first you would have to pay a lot of costs that you did not expect. The first and most important step is therefore that a favorable credit for self-employed must be found.

A cheap loan for self-employed: These lenders are eligible

A cheap loan for self-employed: These lenders are eligible In general, there are three lenders for people who want to start their own business and need financial support: the state, the banks and the private individuals. However, since the state only acts as a lender when it is an unemployed person and thus such loans are not generally available, it is only a question of how a favorable loan for the self-employed can be obtained from a bank or private individuals.

A cheap loan for self-employed by banks

A cheap loan for self-employed by banks Not all banks provide loans to the self-employed, as they have no secured credit rating. So the first task is to find a loan that you can get. In addition to the expensive option of engaging a credit intermediary, it is advisable to conduct an internet search in this regard. There, for example, you enter the combination credit for self-employed in a search engine and then come to independent credit calculators, where you can find out in detail about who, how and under what conditions you can get a loan. Since one is looking for a particularly favorable credit, it is worth looking at the annual percentage rate. Mostly there is also a rating, as former bank customers see the bank. This picture can also be valuable.

A cheap loan for self-employed individuals

A cheap loan for self-employed individuals For some years now, private individuals have increasingly appeared as lenders. The attraction is that they often charge significantly less money for their loans than banks. One finds in the net several large Internet platforms, on which one can apply as a borrower. It is easy to imagine, his concern, the purpose of the loan and his repayment plan, then the lender can choose who they want to lend their money. If you have a solid business plan, there is plenty to suggest that you get the loan without major problems. If multiple lenders decide to give you a loan, they can even undercut each other. Therefore, the better your own business plan is, the better your credit will be for yourself.