So you get a loan for training

by Lisa Woodcock

The credit for training should be better described as “credit for your own future”. Access to education is more important today than ever before. Only those who continue their education, whose knowledge remains in demand. In an aging society, constant learning is one way to maintain personal wealth or expand it. The following article discusses the importance of continuing education in Germany, how this further education is financed.

The loan for further training – investing in your own future.

The loan for further training - investing in your own future.

The most important investment in a person’s life is investing in their own future. It is financed by the credit for further education. Historically, the forefathers had it easier. The training consisted of teaching, at the end of the journeyman’s examination stood. In the craft, the journeymen went on a hike. This time of wandering, following training, was often the only training a journeyman needed. From then on he was educated, settled down and usually worked until retirement with the same employer. Many carpenters of this time may dream back today. To be in business today requires lifelong learning and constant flexibility.

On-the-job training is a good means, even without the credit for further education, to keep your own level of knowledge up to date. In many companies and all industries, responsible entrepreneurs use the opportunity of in-company training for their employees. You have recognized that there is no free competence and up-to-date knowledge for free. Low staff turnover at the current level of knowledge are the advantages that these companies derive from it.

In further education, private initiative is needed.

In further education, private initiative is needed.

Fewer people rely on corporate subsidies alone today. Social change is forcing people to rethink. Everyone has to become active today and at their own expense. The credit for the training helps. In the case of major leaps in education, for example the master’s school, this can be done less and less often as a part-time job. Working hours today demand flexibility and overtime. After work, therefore, the training is increasingly difficult. So many people opt for a full-time education. Loans from the finance the measures.

With an APR of 3.48%, KFW loans are a favorable loan for continuing education. Collateral, which is indispensable for other loans, does not have to be provided. Even a legal claim exists on the subsidies. If you can not claim KFW-money, you can only finance it with normal loans. Banks are not always the best contact for this. The extensive lending rules also prevent continuing education loans from unemployment. The credit for the training then comes mostly from the private credit market.