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So you get a loan for temporary workers

by Lisa Woodcock

It is a difficult matter to get a loan for temporary workers. Banks see a temporary worker as someone who has only a limited employment. This creates a high risk for the bank, which often means that a loan application is rejected. Realistically, a temporary worker must realize that a fixed-term contract can also mean […]

The real estate crowdfunding.

by Lisa Woodcock

  Risks do not prevent its success Appeared in 2014, crowdfunding ( real estate crowdfunding ) , a new way of investing in real estate is a huge success. For the first quarter of 2017, the real estate crowdfunding specialists’ barometer is 20% higher than in 2016 over the same period. This means that more […]

So you get a loan for training

by Lisa Woodcock

The credit for training should be better described as “credit for your own future”. Access to education is more important today than ever before. Only those who continue their education, whose knowledge remains in demand. In an aging society, constant learning is one way to maintain personal wealth or expand it. The following article discusses […]